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Perdix has an experienced and multi-talented team of armourers who work alongside our directors.

Drawn from varied fields of experience;, from military, police, engineering and purely film orientated backgrounds- we have the available crew to fit perfectly whatever a particular production calls for; overseen by our directors, and always with safety, experience and relevance to any job in mind.

All our staff are vetted, and have experience with many types of production and weaponry, from historical drama with black powder weapons, to high tech, high end futuristic movies.

Any production undertaken by Perdix will be supervised and covered by one of our directing team, but each job also has team members picked specifically to fit with that a shoot and its individual needs.

Perdix has an active and ongoing campaign regarding diversity within our team, more information here. 




Rob created Perdix Film Firearms over 30 years ago, and has been an armourer, weapons supervisor and advisor and trainer to the film and TV industry ever since.- despite trying to escape at various intervals. His enthusiasm for the industry keeps on bringing him back.


Rob has an eclectic background; he was a Senior Reserve Army Officer for more than 20 years, and has operational experience in Combat, Peace Support and Internal Security, serving in Kosovo, Sierra Leone and Iraq amongst other theatres. His field of experience covers being an advisor for the UN on Peace Support Operations to directing Close Protection Training for government Ministeries, to designing and supplying Blank Firing systems for UK Police Forces including SO19.


Rob is an authorised weapons trainer, and has great skill in being able to help anyone feel more comfortable and confident around firearms. His 1000 plus credits in film and TV over the years ranges from training and advising the cast of Ultimate Force to romping in fields for the manic gun battles in Sky’s recent hit Gangs of London.


Rob holds the rarely issued  Section 5 Firearms License from the Home Office, and is the foundation of the Perdix Team. He combines experience, insight and a huge technical knowledge of both film and regular weaponry, including co-designing a unique Sniper Rifle.

In his limited spare time, Rob plays one of his large collection of guitars in various local bands, as has performed on stage at venues as diverse as Mijas Auditorium in Spain and at The Kofi Annan International Peace Training Centre in Ghana.

Check out Robs IMDb page here! 




Amanda’s love of film was born early, due to her parents meeting whilst both working for United Artists a very long time ago. Her love of armoury and weapons derives from a fascination with beautiful engineering and things that go bang when you want them to. 

After completing a traditional film armourer’s apprenticeship by sitting in freezing cold vans in the middle of the night loading magazines and then sitting in the burning hot desert cleaning AK47’s for the Jordanian Army - she progressed in technical knowledge and experience, and after over 12 years of working in armoury and with the aid of some really great mentors and teachers is now an experienced film armourer. 

She has worked on productions as diverse as Dr Who and His Dark Materials, to Keeping Faith and Gangs of London and enjoyed them all.

Amanda has a love of story telling as well as weapons, and finds script breakdown and weapon/character matching hugely enjoyable - but like most armourers, really likes getting muddy, dirty and covered in gun oil. 

She thinks being female in a predominantly male field is a great, fun challenge, and believes film productions definitely need more women in this particular area as we move forwards in the industry. 

With a wide background of business experience, having worked at management level in bio plastics, has been a funeral arranging, run West End clubs and been both editor and publishers  niche magazines. Film Armoury and all that it entails has proved her real calling. 

She has also taken part in training and teaching and has performed as hostage, kidnapped nun and VP in varying courses, also taking pivotal roles in teaching and training for ECOWAS at The Kofi Anaan International Peace Training Centre in Ghana.

In her spare time Amanda enjoys hamster flying and pink kites. She also likes posing guns in photographs with dark glasses and posting them on Instagram.

Check out Amandas IMDB page here!

James Hardy.jpg


Special Projects Director

James served as a British Army infantry officer for twenty years.  Thereafter he spent eight years working for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and then as a Senior Advisor and Lecturer for the US Navy Postgraduate School. He has a strong background in Transnational-Threat operations and has worked extensively in Central/Southern Asia, West Africa and South-Eastern Europe.  


Possessor of strange and esoteric fields of knowledge, he is an excellent teacher/trainer with great communication skills.  He also likes bicycles, beer, and of the Perdix Team is known as the best maker of coffee. 



Supervising Technician

Alex is a pivotal member of our Perdix Team and brings an experienced energy and enthusiasm to any production.

Having grown up cutting his teeth in the armoury business through his links to our fellow gunsmiths and armourers, Stoke Poges Range; Alex also specialises in futuristic gun design and at the other end of the scale, swordsmithing - and hugely enjoys working on historical productions too.

One of the younger members of our team, Alex also towers over us all (especially Amanda) being over 6 foot tall and an ex International Rugby Player. He is often asked to double on productions, which he loves, and had been everything on screen from a Special Forces soldier to an Eastern European heroin smuggler.

Alex is great to work with, and knows exactly how to put both artists and supporting artists at ease.

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