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Perdix has an active and ongoing campaign regarding diversity.

Armoury is an area of the film industry that has traditionally
been male orientated and occasionally quite marginalised.





Perdix sees armoury as something different; not just about supplying weapons and the staff to oversee them; to us armoury is so much more. Involving gun and character choice, applicability and historical accuracy with the appropriate training to help facilitate the smooth running of a production. Safety is very obviously at the top of our list of priorities, prior to giving your production just what it needs on the floor.

Perdix is one of the very few armoury companies in the UK with a female director, who is also a technically skilled and knowledgeable armourer.

We have a legal obligation to ensure all our staff are vetted, with which we of course comply - but apart from that we have an active campaign regarding employment to attempt to open this very niche part of our industry to sections of our community that may have been excluded from it in in the past.

We have an active programme of offering opportunities to those of sexual and ethnic diversity which we believe is unique in our area of the industry. Actively offering training and paid work experience to as wide a range of those interested in this area of filmmaking as possible.

To us armoury is not about handing out weapons, but rather integrating within a production with our skills and experience. Perdix really do offer a bespoke service, in many different ways.



Perdix Firearms is Home Office Authorised to Supply Effects Firearms to Film & Television Production Companies Worldwide.

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