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In order to ship, Perdix will need to submit a temporary export licence application for weapons.





As a rule, the BIS requires: an Import Permit, an official production order, the details of the consignee, the shipper and the route before they will issue a Licence. It is always better to overestimate a need. You can choose not to ship an item on the Licence but you cannot add to it. Without a valid export Licence the shipper is unable to get CAA flight approval or RORO sea approval. CAA approval can take 14 working days. 

Ammunition is sent to the shipper one week before shipping for special packing. Firearms are collected from Perdix and taken via the shipper (for documentation) to the airline or haulage company by a specialist company who has the authority to carry prohibited weapons. The shipper cannot hold the weapons in store. Once the goods arrive in the country where we are filming they will be inspected and processed by Customs before being handed over to the consignee – usually the resident SFX/firearm supplier working with us.

The return journey is a reverse of the above process.

The good news is that if all the paperwork is in order then shipping guns is simple, the authority of the licences at both ends tends to help.




Perdix Firearms is Home Office Authorised to Supply Effects Firearms to Film & Television Production Companies Worldwide. 


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