Whether you require a highly enhanced muzzle flash or want the ultimate in realism, we can tailor firearm special effects to match the most demanding of production values.




Our weapons have been modified to fire blank ammunition. These modifications often involve complex engineering processes which render the weapons incapable of firing ball (live) ammunition.


The weapons are engineered by ourselves, tested and then re-proofed by the London Proof House. We use a variety of blanks to achieve the desired optical effect. Some productions call for a highly enhanced muzzle flash to increase the drama and in this case we use specially manufactured ammunition.


For drama documentary style productions we often use a minimal flash to give a more realistic look to the action. For any sequence that involves firing extremely close to the Artists or crew we may use a completely closed barrel so that only an ejecting cartridge and the smoke from the chamber is seen on camera when the weapon is fired in the action.


We work closely in conjunction with Special Effects teams to ensure that our weapons effects and the SFX matching bullet hits match each other correctly and safely.




Perdix Firearms is Home Office Authorised to Supply Effects Firearms to Film & Television Production Companies Worldwide. 


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