With the ever-increasing demand for realism in productions, it has become more and more popular to train the Artistes before they arrive on location.





The advantages of training are not just limited to enhanced realism. A few hours on the range away from all the other pressures of a location can help to give Artistes confidence in themselves and improve their weapon safety skills, awareness and handling in an environment where they can concentrate exclusively on firearms.


Perdix armourers have many years as weapons instructors and are used to helping Artistes bring out the best in themselves.


For in-depth military training Perdix provides full Artiste training courses including:


  • Skill at Arms (Weapon Training)

  • Drill

  • Living in the field/Harbour routines

  • Navigation by day and night

  • Close Quarter Combat

  • Patrolling

  • Signals

  • First Aid

  • CBRN


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